problems moving pages from 2000 to nt 4.0

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Thread: problems moving pages from 2000 to nt 4.0

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    Default problems moving pages from 2000 to nt 4.0

    I have developed ASPs on a 2000 IIS server. I also have a sql server that holds db for pages(also 2000 box) I recently moved the pages to a straight nt IIS server connecting to a nt sql server. I can run page locally, in other words from the IIS server the db connection works.When I try to connect to page from a client machine, the connection to db does not work.(doesnt connect). This seems to be a nt IIS server / nt sql server issue. Anybody have any ideas, other than making the IIS server a sql server as well. Thanks Graham Forte

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    I believe this may be an issue with challenge/response authentication in NT. See msdn for more info, but I think the gist of it is this:<BR><BR>Challange/response doesn&#039;t send password over network use hash keys instead. Need pass to generate hash key. If nt box trying to authenticate to sql server with challange response for user can&#039;t as doesn&#039;t have password only the hash key, so fail. Can only use basic authentication. In win 2000 this is resolved.<BR><BR>I&#039;m not sure if this is your problem but if it is go check out msdn under nt challange response. Should be able to get more info.

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