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    Hi All!<BR><BR>I&#039;m having trouble trying to submit a form using JScript. What i&#039;m trying to do is submit the page using:<BR><BR>&#060;input type="button" value="Search" name="B1" onclick="window.open(&#039;ClientList.asp&#039;,&# 039;ClientList&#039;,&#039;width=730,height=490,le ft=10,top=10,scrollbars&#039;);return false;submit();"&#062; <BR><BR>I&#039;d like the page to be opened in a specific way (size, scrollbars).... this does work but my submitted form elements are not being picked up!<BR><BR>Can anyone help me please!?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Sal<BR>x<BR>

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    I think the values have to be sent through querystring appended to the url in the window.open function. Other wise the values will not be available in the newly opened form.

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    Try with the get method in your form definition, yo will see if the elements are being passed ok to your new page.<BR><BR>hope it helps

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    the right way is:<BR>[form id].submit()

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