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    Default Calling all u IT gurus out there....

    hey ppl<BR>tell me something...if it is possible to open more than one recordsets thru a single connection object, y is my code giving the error as &#039;The application requested an operation on an object with a reference to a closed or invalid Connection object. &#039; ?????

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    It is possible to return more than one Recordset in at a time depending on whether or not your provider is capable of implementing it. The SQLOLEDB and (I think) Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0 providers are capable of returning more than one resultset from a data retrieval operation.<BR><BR>To move from one resultset to the next is similar to navigating through each row of a single resultset however you simply call the NextRecordset method of the ADO recordset object, such as:<BR><BR> ObjRst.NextRecordset<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Darren Neimke<BR>[ ]

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    Default May be you have closed the Connection

    and set it to nothing and then trying to open the next recordset, see the error please, thats what it says, did you check ?

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