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    I have an activeX control on my asp file. Can i access the properties of the activeX control in my asp code, if yes then ca you tell me how.

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    Maybe this won&#039t help but...<BR><BR>Once your control is registered on the server, use "CreateObject" server method to instantiate it. Then access it like you would in a program. The following code is just an example using VBScript:<BR><BR>set objFinance = server.CreateObject("WCCFinance.PaymentTerms")<BR> objFinance.TotalPrice = Request.Form("txtTotalPrice")<BR>objFinance.Intere stRate = Request.Form("txtInterestRate")<BR>objFinance.Mont hlyPayment = Request.Form("txtMonthlyPayment")<BR>intResult = objFinance.GetNumberPayments()<BR>set objFinance = nothing<BR><BR>Hope this helps

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