The code is as given below :<BR>_____________________________________________ _____________<BR><BR>Dim objMail <BR> Set objMail = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")<BR><BR> objMail.From = rs.fields("useremail")<BR> <BR> <BR> objMail.To = rs.fields("san_authmail")<BR> <BR> objMail.Body = "This is a checking on sending an email ."<BR> objMail.Send<BR> <BR><BR> <BR> set objMail = nothing<BR>_______________________________________ _______________<BR><BR>The code works without giving any error message. But i am not getting any mail in my inbox. Instead, all the mails go to &#039;badmail&#039; folder of the win2000 server with error message &#039;Delivery to the following recipient failed&#039;.<BR><BR>SMTP is running.<BR><BR>Can anybody help me? Any other information/settings required ?<BR><BR>U may post the reply on messageboard or send reply to