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    Playac Guest

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    Does anyone have any suggestions on developing a ASP site that allows clients to schedule daily, weekly and monthly tasks. Basically, I would like to run a script that emails daily reports and monthly invoices and reminders to customers. <BR>Has anyone ever did this??? If so how??? <BR>Thanks.

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    John D Guest

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    There is no way with just ASP to make a script run at a certain time. what i do is use SQL server to schedule something to run -it will let you run any program or command - and then have that command be to open whatever script file i need.<BR><BR>Hope that helps.

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    Unless it is your server, and then you may be able to schedule .vbs files to run using NT scheduler: you can&#039;t "run" the asp page but if you rewrite it as a vbs file you can then schedule it- I do this to run a vbs that gets a news feed from moreover and writes the results to . a js file.<BR><BR>Mark

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    Automating Tasks with WSH<BR>

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