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    In VB Script in ASP I invoke my own VB 6.0 DLL that accesses data from SQL Server, does a lot of computation, sends the data to Excel via OLE, sets the Excel printer to ADOBE Distiller, and tells Excel to print. The result is a pdf in the PDF Output folder under the ADOBE folder. This works when the server is Personal Web Manager on Windows 98. When the server is IIS on NT it appears as if Distiller never fires and the user's session is locked. From the keyboard on the NT machine I am able to bring up Excel, open one of my files, set the printer to Distiller, and save a pdf. Thus, none of the font related problems documented at the ADOBE site would seem to apply. Look's like some sort of NT/IIS security problem. Any ideas? Anyone else ever experience this?

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    Make sure that the output folder has IUSR_&#060;yourmachinename&#062; set up with write access. <BR>Have you put any debug code in the component to verify that the problem isn&#039;t in the component?

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