Is asp platform dependent?

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    See Iam getting each and every document from<BR>webserver.that is interms of html pattern<BR>Since html is platform independent why<BR>cant Asp be platform independent?<BR> Webserver is not familar with the type of browser<BR>it simply fulfill&#039s the request and send&#039s<BR>the page.why cant Asp be platform independent?<BR>Please dont take into account Axcontrols or dll<BR>simply consider html document.<BR><BR>if possible mail me to<BR><BR>

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    A third party product called Chili ASP allows ASP to be hosted on platforms other than Win32. It also allows web servers other than IIS to host the content on the Win32 platform. The real issue is that Unix users tend to rely on CGI for dynamic content and really don&#039t look at ASP as a useful scripting language. They have years ahead of ASP users in knowledge of Perl and other lanaguages.

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    Is Perl better - faster development time and more efficient code and faster execution -- than ASP ??

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