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    We have a 4 forms that a user fills out that go into an access database. The forms can take up to 30 minutes to complete so I am looking for a way to allow a user to stop and come back at a later time to complete them. My thought is to use the auto-number ID of their record to find th incomplete record but I'm stumped on how to get them to the right form either 2,3,4 or wherever they left off. Any help would be great. Thanks.

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    Default one way would be

    just create a new button (down by submit) that says something like "continue later"<BR><BR>at that time, create a new recordset, and save to a new table that holds all &#039;incomplete&#039;.<BR>then allow any user that has incompleted ones to go in and search for his/hers and resume. if the submit button is hit, saves to completed table.<BR><BR>that&#039;s the first thing that came to my head when reading your post.<BR>is that possible for you?<BR>I&#039;m sure someone else can come up with something not so crappy.<BR>=)<BR><BR>

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    Default Could something like this...

    ...Create a table called FormPlacement.<BR><BR> FormPlacementId (int) primarykey<BR> FormPageName (nvarchar)<BR> UserID (int)<BR> PagesToBeCompleted (int)<BR> PageNumCompleted (int)<BR> LastUpdateTime (datetime)<BR><BR> After completion of the first form, insert a record into the table. After completion of subsequent forms, increment the PageNumCompleted column.<BR><BR> Create a session variable to determine whether the user is still<BR> logged in. If not, perform a query to get the max PageNumCompleted and go to the next page.<BR><BR> This assumes you don&#039;t want to use cookies to keep track of<BR> placement.

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