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    William Oliveri Guest

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    Hi all, <BR> Is there a big difference in the two versions? I want to buy a book (beginning) to introduce me to ASP but do not have Windows 2000 and I notice the current version is ASP 3.0. Should I buy a book on ASP 2.0 while working with WinNT4 and ASP 2.0 or should I buy a book on ASP 3.0? Can I run ASP 3.0 on WinNT4? <BR><BR>Thanks for any suggestions,<BR>Bill

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    Divinite Guest

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    You can&#039;t run ASP 3.0 under NT4 (unfortunately) since it is built into IIS. I would suggest buying a book on 3.0 (I suggest the one written by the guys here, Sams Teach Yourself Active Server Pages 3.0 in 21 days). You won&#039;t be on NT4 forever, and it&#039;s good to know. There&#039;s a few fun things in 3.0 that you can&#039;t do in 2.0 which might also help you want to make that transition to win2k. I&#039;d suggest checking out the sample chapters of the book and the forum here on it. :o)

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    William Oliveri Guest

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    I experienced in VB, SQL Server and COM. Would this still be a good book for me? What percentage of ASP 3.0 cannot be used in ASP 2.0?<BR><BR>thanks,<BR>bill<BR>

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