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    We have a 4 forms that a uaser fills out that go into an access database. The forms can take up to 30 minutes to complete so I am looking for a way to allow a user to stop and come back at a later time to complete them. My thought is to use the auto-number ID of their record to find th incomplete record but I'm stumped on how to get them to the right form either 2,3, or 4 to continue. Any help would be grreat. Thanks.

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    I'm assuming they have inserted some data before they leave the site. So when they come back, yes, you can use the ID of the record to pull their data. The best way is to setup a quick login page. Let the user pick a user/name password, then you can lookup their record. A less reliable way is to use a cookie...may be OK they always use the same computer.

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    I knew how to do the look up and the login waht I need to do is once they do that get them to the right form in the series. For example user leaves on form 2 of the 4. They log in to complete their data. How do I get them to form 3 to continue?

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    Default Introduce a column in the database

    say, "formnum" now when they are on Form1, the value of formnum is "1" and will only change to "2" when they hit the "Submit" button on Form1.<BR><BR>When they later come in just query the database for the formnum and depending on the number send them to the page accordingly, its just a matter or 4 forms so you dont need a separate table to put that info somewhere.<BR><BR>&#039;query depending on user name and pick the number.<BR>if rs("formnum") = 1 then<BR>response.redirect "form1.asp"<BR>elseif rs("formnum") = 2 then<BR>response.redirect "form2.asp"<BR>.<BR>.<BR><BR>end if<BR><BR>

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