I&#039;m using the XMLDOM with ASP and I&#039;m stuck with the return value of Document.selectSingleNode method. I&#039;m using selectSingleNode to retrieve XML node values like this:<BR><BR>Dim xmlDoc, node, value<BR>Set xmlDoc=Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM") <BR>xmlDoc.async=false <BR>xmlDoc.load( ... ) <BR>Set node = xmlDoc.selectSingleNode( "/article/author" )<BR>value = node.text<BR><BR>If the XPath /article/author exists in the XML document, this code works just fine. However, problems arise when /article/author cannot be found in the document. In this case the call to node.text gernerates an error.<BR><BR>According to XMLDOM documentation, the <BR>"Return Value of selectSingleNode is an Object. Returns the first node that matches the XSL or XPath query. If no nodes match the query, it returns Null."<BR><BR>Now: How can I detect this NULL in VBScript? I have tried the following with hopelessly unhelpful results:<BR><BR>IsNull(node) = False <BR>IsEmpty(node) = False <BR>IsObject(node) = True<BR>..even the known workaround of Len("" & node) = 0 generates an error.<BR><BR>Now it WOULD appear that selectSingleNode returns some kind of object in any case, how on Earth can I detect that this object is a proper XML node object? I know that I can use selectNodes() as a workaround, but this NULL handlig in VBScript just drives me mad.<BR><BR>Help appreciated,<BR><BR>/Martin Waligorski<BR>