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    This is in conitnutaion with the last reply of your...<BR><BR>It is somethig like this. <BR><BR>I want the user to type the URL like <BR>http://sitename/directoryname/username.html <BR>(the file username.html exists no where....I want it to be generated it at runtime.) <BR><BR>Now after he types it and says enter then only "username" will be picked up from the URL and the value will passed "index.asp" to retrive all the information. Which in turn will be displayed on the page and the URL will remain the same. <BR><BR>Once again...the username.html file is not stored anywhere. <BR><BR>I did what you told me in the first reply and I&#039;m able to generate the info but only for one user by whose name I&#039;ll save the "info retreving" file and not for the other users... <BR><BR>This is the thing I don&#039;t want to do as every time some manual work will be required to create the file.Hope <BR><BR>I made it clear..... <BR><BR>If you are located in Bomabay may be I can talk to you to sort it out...

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    you might understand, if a user types a url that doesnt exist at all, you will always get the "Page Not Found" error, when there is no page to display, there is no way you can manipulate with url and query the database.<BR><BR>The only possible solution that I can think of is:<BR><BR>remove the username.html part, let the user go to<BR>http://sitename/directoryname/index.asp<BR><BR>If you can store his user name in a session variable, then depending on that, show him his records.<BR><BR>Also post our links from yesterday here, may be someone else will be able to help.<BR><BR>Sorry.<BR>I am in Chicago.

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