At the time I began writing the website (july 99) I was unsure how to dynammically create pages on the fly for each product. And the truth is, I still am not confident enough to do it.<BR>However everything is in place to do it now, I have more T-SQL programming knowledge/ADO skills, and there is an existing SQL Database on the site. What concerns me would be that I would lose search engine prowess if my pages were generated dynammiclly, as it is now, my pages &#039exist&#039 and can be spidered/searched and thus placed higher in the webs search engine results. My only real desire is to have every price for every product be pulled from the DB and displayed. I am open to any suggestions, I would be willing to switch over to completely dynammically generated pages if it would not hinder/minimize my search engine prowess I continue to work hard for.<BR><BR>Thanks for any and all insight, and again the website is