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    I have this problem:<BR><BR>id=request.form("id")<BR>newpwd=re quest.form("pwdn")<BR><BR>..... Open dsn .... <BR><BR>sql_update="update Assoc set Pwd=&#039;&newpwd&&#039; where Assoc_id=&#039;&id&&#039;<BR>With this I can&#039;t update my database. <BR>Please, help me where did I go wrong!<BR><BR>

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    What is the error message?<BR><BR>--&#062;Debug&#060;--<BR>Make a response.Write of your SQL Query, then copy/paste it in Query Analyzer to see if the syntax is ok.

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    I&#039;ve never seen it written that way. If your going to use request.form then try<BR><BR>sql = "Update Assoc"<BR>sql=sql & "Set Pwd = " & newpwd & "<BR>sql=sql & "Where Assoc_id = &#039;" & id & "&#039; "<BR><BR>cnn.Execute sql

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