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    Hi, <BR><BR>I posted this message yesterday but got no responses so I am giving it another go taday. <BR><BR>I am looking to alter the page setup properties of IE via a Web page. I do not want the user to have to make alterations (e.g. delete hearders, change to Landscape) maually. I have spent a while looking into this and all I have found is that I can bring up the Page Setup dialog box using ExecWB. I am not able to alter the properties. <BR><BR>I am fairly positive that I wont be able to do this using VBScript or Javascript from within the page. However, would it be possible to do this using a component of some type and if so how would this be implemented? Also, what would the limitations of this approach be? <BR><BR>I found a procedure on <BR><BR>that accesses IE&#039;s page setup and alters its properties. However, I am not sure how one would apply this to a Web page. If anyone has any suggestions they would be much appreciated. <BR><BR>Many thanks, <BR>Ross

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    Default Someone will know

    I am sure I saw this before. Someone will be sure to know. I think that it can be done.

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