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    Hi All,<BR><BR> I ahve question in mind<BR> why the client would prefer .Net <BR>if there is no diffesrence between .Net <BR>and Java.as java is proofed language.<BR>why .Net?<BR><BR><BR>Please give me some main tips which show that .Net is powerful then Java.<BR><BR><BR>Shruti

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    Default No such proof exists.

    As far as I can tell and am concerned, .NET is a big &#039;ol hook which demonstrates that Microsoft is good at strategy.<BR><BR>Microsoft has legally lost on Java and claims nothing more to do with it. Java is the #1 language for B2B with such J2EE based-currently deployed technologies, like those provided by BEA. The strength of Java is that it can be deployed on any machine with an interpreter, with the strongest implementation being on Sun machines.<BR><BR>Microsoft wants something they can say "looks like" and "works like" before J2EE becomes accessible to the lower-end markets where, quite frankly, it&#039;s probably overkill. Microsoft claims that .NET gives the benefit of "Write however, run on Microsoft" [given that there aren&#039;t any non MS-.NET platforms readily available...].<BR><BR>Quite frankly, I think Microsoft has a disadvantage rather than an advantage. It&#039;s hard enough to get people to write clear and maintainable code in an enterprise situation and now Microsoft wants to let people write in language-on-demand. Imagine being hired as a VB support person only to find sizeable chunks of legacy ["Managed"] C++ that needed to be waded through. Did I mention that Perl and Python (amoung others) will also be available for .NET?<BR><BR>With Java, you can have really incredible developers writing amazing code which future developers can keep running. <BR><BR>With .NET, all code will have to be amazingly average in order to create a clear enterprise-wide maintainability standard.<BR><BR>And if they could only get an extra 2 buttons & a wheel on their mice, Mac could release a decent machine.

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