Hi, <BR>I need a help from you.If you provide me i would be a greatful to you. <BR>The scenario is as follows <BR>We have developed a website for one our clients. <BR>The webserver which is having the site is out of the firewall means is on the internet side. <BR>The database server is behind the firewall.They are using the Altavista98 firewall. <BR>The database server is not in the network with the webserver.The database server and the server which is having the firewall software are in network. <BR>The server which is having the firewall software will act as the proxy. <BR>Presently it is having the SQl * Net proxy. Will it support SqlServer7.0.Presently it is supporting Oracle. <BR>The database server doesn&#039;t have any external IP address. <BR>It means the webserver and database server are literally isolated eachother. <BR>We are connecting to the database server from the webserver using OLEDb provider.We are using INI file. We are passing the database server name ,uid and pwd from the ini file to the dll component. <BR>The connection string in the configuration file is as follows. <BR>[DEV_SERVER_VARIABLES] <BR><BR>SQL_SERVER="&#060;ServerName&#062;" <BR>SQL_LOGIN="&#060;Username&#062;" <BR>SQL_PASSWORD="&#060;password"&#062; <BR>SQL_DATABASE="&#060;DatabaseName"&#062; <BR>In which case the parameter servername what should it consist? <BR>If you give me any suggestion regd. the same i will be greatful to you. <BR><BR>Thanks <BR><BR>