Pls look at the following code and tell me what condition shall i check for, i&#039;m inserting two fileds (username and password)in a table by first sql query which generates a no. in respictive column(user_id, autonumber, primary key), then i&#039;m selecting this key from this table and inserting this id along with the other details (phone no. city, state etc.)<BR>if the 3rd sql query doesn&#039;t work sucessfully, i want to remove the respective entries (username and password) from first table also, so that the no. of records in both the table remain equal.<BR><BR>so pls tell me how to handle the error (in code XXX). what should i check for to commit or rollback<BR><BR>Code:<BR><BR>Application.lock<BR>c on.BeginTrans<BR><BR>Set rs_login_insert=con.execute (login_insert)<BR>Set rs_userid_select=con.execute(userid_select)<BR>Set rs_user_insert=con.execute (user_insert)<BR><BR>if (XXX) then <BR>con.CommitTrans<BR>else<BR>con.RollbackTrans<B R>Application.Unlock