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    I have a PIII and am running win2000 professional IIS4. I would like to make this box a server and need to know what I need to do:<BR>Firewall<BR>Security<BR>5 static ips<BR> email addresses for all<BR><BR>Not much traffic will occur - mostly my test server yet one of my home boxes so I am worried about security. <BR><BR>Ideas? Thoughts? <BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Jess<BR><BR>

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    well, first of all, you&#039;ll need to upgrade to Windows 2000 Server or Advanced Server. Pro can&#039;t do what you&#039;re asking for. I also suggest you grab a book on IIS administration from your local computer bookstore. If you can manage without multiple IPs/Multiple websites, Pro will be fine - but you won&#039;t have a POP server on there unless you get seperate software again.<BR><BR>j

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