ODBC Drivers error '80040e31' in ASP but

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Thread: ODBC Drivers error '80040e31' in ASP but

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    Don Olson Guest

    Default ODBC Drivers error '80040e31' in ASP but

    I am calling a stored proc in asp to update a record and am receiving a time out error. I can run this same s-proc in Query Analyzer and it runs perfectly..and fast!!<BR><BR>Here is the s-proc:<BR><BR>CREATE PROCEDURE sr_updateArtists<BR>@art_ID int,<BR>@art_name nvarchar(255),<BR>@art_genre_id int,<BR>@art_website nvarchar(255),<BR>@art_image varchar(512),<BR>@art_jpgBio varchar(512),<BR>@art_jpgInterior varchar(512),<BR>@art_jpgWebsite varchar(512),<BR>@art_jpgCommunity varchar(512),<BR>@art_community_url varchar(512),<BR>@art_publish bit,<BR>@art_editor int<BR>AS<BR>SET NOCOUNT ON<BR>UPDATE band SET<BR>name = @art_name,<BR> genre_id = @art_genre_id,<BR> website = @art_website,<BR> image = @art_image,<BR> jpg_200x200_bio = @art_jpgBio,<BR> jpg_200x200_interior = @art_jpgInterior,<BR> jpg_175x175_website = @art_jpgWebsite,<BR> jpg_175x175_community = @art_jpgCommunity,<BR> community_url = @art_community_url,<BR> publish = @art_publish,<BR> editor = @art_editor,<BR> dateModified = GETDATE()<BR>Where ID = @art_ID<BR>SET NOCOUNT OFF<BR><BR><BR>(sorry for the formatting...the board wouldn&#039;t let me format it)<BR>I am using SQL 7.0 and IIS 5.0. If anyone else has had a similar issue, I would love to hear from you.

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    Default What is the error "Session time out" or

    "Script Time out"<BR>For script time out, on the asp page where you are executing the proc write this line:<BR>server.ScriptTimeOut = 300 &#039;sets the script to run for 5 minutes.<BR><BR>You can increment the number, the increment is in seconds.<BR><BR>You can change the default value of session time out from the IIS or even from the page.

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    Don Olson Guest

    Default RE: What is the error

    It turns out that switching the db connection to OLEDB from DSN fixed it right away. It was switched to DSN when we lost internal TCP/IP so we could continue development, but never switched back.<BR><BR>Thanks!

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