Session scope VB component's class_terminate

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Thread: Session scope VB component's class_terminate

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    Default Session scope VB component's class_terminate

    Hello,<BR><BR>I have a vb6 com dll used by ASP pages on IIS5 w2k prof with sp1. The dll has session scope and is declared in global.asa using the &#060;OBJECT ...&#062; tag. I found that the object&#039;s class_terminate method is never called! I though the object would be destroyed once the session expires and termniate would be called. I am really confused by now and would appreciate some help!<BR><BR>Thank You!<BR>Greg

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    Default application scope VB component termination

    hiho,<BR>i have a similar problem, i use a dll with application scope (&#060;OBJECT RUNAT=Server SCOPE=Application ID=MyDll ...&#062;) and an "active user counter" in an application variable. If the session of the last active user is terminated, i would like to perform a "set MyDll=nothing". that does not work. why? how can i do better?<BR>tia<BR>stefan<BR>

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