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    hi all, i am very much interested to start, but i want to know how i could create my first file with, what kind of tool i need to have or what will be the things to be required.<BR><BR>thanks a lot in advance.....<BR><BR>subu

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    Hello subu<BR><BR>To get started with ASP.NET you need to be running either Windows NT 4.0 Server or Win2k. You need to then download the .NET Framework SDK from MS (a free download, but a huge one, ~120MB). You can download this from:<BR><BR>I highly recommend that you check out this article to get started with ASP.NET:<BR><BR>ASP.NET: An Introduction and My Views on the Matter <BR><BR><BR>Also, you can see a long listing of ASP.NET articles at:<BR><BR><BR>ASP.NET really is head and shoulders beyond classic ASP, it&#039;s so much better. I&#039;m sure you&#039;ll find it both fun and powerful.<BR><BR>Happy Programming!

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    Hello Scott,<BR>A lot of thanks for all these informations......<BR>I really apprecitae your quick response..<BR><BR>Thanks again....<BR>Let me jump into it first....<BR><BR>Subu

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    Default here's an awesome link !!<BR><BR>This really goes through the whole thing with very simple examples.<BR><BR>I figured out most of what I wanted o know just on this page.

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