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    Some pages are not re-parsed nor re-downloaded when I hit the Refresh button in the browser even when Response.Expires has been set equal to -1440 or another negative number of minutes. For instance if the server returns a message that there was an error on line 23, then I completely erase line 23, then save the page and hit refresh in the browser and the error message stays unchanged - still pointing to the now-non-existent line of code. Later in the day I can refresh the page and see the results of my changes. If I rename the page, I can view it with the changes reflected in the browser immediately.<BR> This only appears to happen on pages that don&#039;t have html- pages where everything is output by Response.Write. Most asp pages on my site have a large html portion, and they are immediately refreshable even without adjusting Response.Expires. What can I do to have changed pages sent to the browser every time a page is refreshed?

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    Read this:<BR><BR><BR>Works every time.

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