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    Hello,<BR> I am trying to include stored ASP/HTML text from a MS SQL DB into an ASP page that is calling from the DB. I was hoping if I returned the text from the field it would compile before being sent to the browser. I am outputing simply using a reponse.write RS("MyHTMLandASP") type tag and is simply outputing the raw test without executing my ASP. ANyone know how to get this to execute BEFORE being sent to the browser? MANY MANY THANKS!!!

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    Default You'll have to write it to the harddrive...

    ...with the FileSystemObject. I can understand (to an extent) storing HTML, but why are you storing ASP functions in a database?

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    Bailey Guest

    Default RE: You'll have to write it to the harddrive.

    I am developing and intranet site that needs to track thousands of documents. I need to approach the access of documents in a relational way. Thanks for your comment. Actually, I think I am going to just upgrade to IIS 5.0 so that I can use the Execute method.

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