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    bibin Guest

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    hi<BR>i need to know the way to store images in the database and then how to retreive it from the database and display in a browser using ASP.<BR>regards

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    Ian Hazeldine Guest

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    The way I have retrieved images from a database is to store the name of the image in a text field in the database, then open the recordset and set the image source within the web page to be equal to the value in the database field i.e.<BR><BR>&#060;img src=&#060;%=rs("NameOfFieldInDatabase")%&#062;<BR> <BR>nb. you must store the path of the image file in the database field, otherwise an error will occur.

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    Steve Rowson Guest

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    It depends what database you are using but generally it is much easier to store your images in a directory on the web server and store the path to that image in the database. When a page calls a row in the database, you can dynamically build the image tag to go and get the right image.

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