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    Mike Medders Guest

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    Hi, i have an IIS5 asp website behind a secure SSL channel.<BR>In part of the website data is Posted from one asp page to another. If the user then clicks the &#039;Back&#039; button on their browser then get the usual &#039;Page Expired&#039; page and also a &#039;Page contains both secure And Insecure items&#039; warning.<BR>It seems the standard IIS5 &#039;Page Expired&#039; page is causing this problem.<BR>Anybody any idea how to rectify this? Any help is much appreciated, thanks - Mike

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    sridhar konkala Guest

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    my pages are working, can you mail your code. The reasons can be like<BR>1)Is there any Response.Expires is there, remove this.<BR><BR>

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    Excellent, thank you, it was a Response.Buffer / Response.CacheControl related problem, now fixed, many thanks.<BR>Mike

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    sridhar konkala Guest

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    but u have to put Response.Buffer = true

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