(I posted this question on the general forum last week, but nobody had an answer.)<BR><BR>The page http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/112298-1.shtml (about using CDONTS) suggests that it&#039;s possible to send appointments to Outlook users. I&#039;m trying to figure out how to do it.<BR><BR>My suspicion is that it&#039;s not even possible to send anything but emails with CDONTS. I&#039;ve heard that CDO and CDONTS are two similar but different objects (CDO being the more powerful version); however, most articles that cover CDO/CDONTS seem to treat them as if they&#039;re the same thing. For example, the article above talks about CDO, then presents examples using CDONTS -- so I&#039;m wondering if the author was confusing the two (or if I&#039;m just confused myself.)<BR><BR>I know CDONTS works on my server, not sure about CDO. How might I send an appointment to an outlook user? (if it&#039;s possible)