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    I am new to using arrays and I am having trouble finding a good article that explains how you display the output once you have placed the recordset into the array. Below is my SQL statement, and then the code to put it into an array. What I want to do now is display the list of each LSRStatus(the field I&#039;m pulling in my SQL statement) along with the count of each next to it like this:<BR>Confirmed 20<BR>BCIN 15<BR>PCIN 46<BR>etc.<BR>SQL = "SELECT LSRStatus, DatePart(dw,LSRStart), Count(*) AS Cnt " _<BR> & "FROM LSR2DEV " _<BR> & "WHERE LSRStart BETWEEN &#039;"& firstDayOfWeek &"&#039; AND &#039;"& lastDayOfWeek &"&#039;" _<BR> & " GROUP BY LSRStatus, DatePart(dw,LSRStart)" _<BR> & " ORDER BY LSRStatus, DatePart(dw,LSRStart)"<BR>set RSTotal = Conn.Execute(SQL)<BR>StatusArray = RSTotal.GetRows

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    See if this helps<BR><BR>

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    Default Excellent. Thanks. <eop>


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