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    I am going to put a search on my site. I have heard index server is the way to go. It looks fairly stright forward. However...<BR>all my page are created from a database and getString value.<BR>so I could have 100 pages on my story.htm but since pages are always story.htm?docc=123 . So does the index server know this? When it returns results are they all just going to point to story.htm?

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    Al Bear Guest

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    As you have all the content being server out from a database. I would recomend that you design you own search and results page shouldn&#039;t gbe to hard. some simple SQL will do it. <BR><BR>As index server will read though all the html /asp pages and referance that. not what it held in the database.

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    Yeah.<BR><BR>Index Server (more specifically Site Server) is the way to go, if possible. However, it does bank on the fact that 90% of your information is static. Any dynamic information will not be correctly cataloged.<BR><BR>Craig.

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