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    Ed Kay Guest

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    Hi - Please help me stop tearing my hair out!<BR><BR>Basically, I have a script that ends up by posting a mass of form information and an attached text file via a CDONTS Email object.<BR><BR>Simply and not-so-sweetly - with absolutely no discrimination, this process sometimes works, and sometimes doesn&#039;t. I can send two identical messages at different times, one will arrive, the other won&#039;t. Neither produces errors; each time the script rolls and moves me through to the confirmation screen - which, obviously one time is a LIE! ggggrrrrrr.... Is there something I should know about this, or can I put it down to an unreliable ISP? Is there any way to collect a sent-confirmation variable, to be certain it has gone, and thus retry if it fails? Or am I doomed to telling clients that their business is in the hands of the Gods? (which would be quite funny in a way, being as they&#039;re solicitors...)<BR><BR>Any general advice, information, suggestions would be heartily welcomed (and hair cream recommendations...)<BR><BR>Cheers<BR><BR>Ed

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    Dan Petitt Guest

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    CDONTS doenst work on &#039;out-of-process&#039; scripts.<BR>Also, try narrowing the script down to just a simple email send and see if that works reliably.<BR>Use lots of response.write&#039;s to try and see if the script fails at any particular point (I had a script that was failing but it was not producing an error, I had to put response.write&#039;s in to find that it was failing on a sql statement but not continuing any more scripting - the statement was trying to increment a database count for forum posts but the field was an integer field and it had reach 32697 posts so couldnt add any more until I made it Long Integer.

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