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    Stevew Guest

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    I am wondering about storing CVs (resumes) online... Does this need to be on a secure server? While you&#039;re there, in the UK are there Data Protection issues about this, too?<BR>

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

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    It would certainly be sensible to have a secure server for storing CVs. There can be a lot of very personal info on a CV (address, date of birth, current job, salary etc. etc.)<BR><BR>Do you intend to allow people to search and view this data ? If so, I would be surprised if you get many takers. What if their boss had a look at the site ? The best you could do is display a brief anonymised? summary of their experience.<BR><BR>As far as Data Protection goes, you are supposed to register even if you only store personal data on your pc (not connected to the internet). There should not be any issues about the legality of the data - as long as it is only used for the stated purpose, and you have the express permission of the person to store their details.

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    SteveW Guest

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    Thanks for this Eddie... I&#039;ll look in to secure servers.<BR><BR>No, it would not be publicly available - only to registered agencies.<BR><BR>I asked about security because someone told me that in the UK you are not allowed to do real-time authorisation of credit cards... (which I think means storing credit card details in an online database) So I wondered how far it extended...

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