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    Is there any property associated with a Frame which allows to resize when we are viewing a page in the explorer

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    I&#039;m not sure, and I didn&#039;t test...<BR>but try using "parent" object to be able to talk with your frame...<BR><BR>parent.frames.length <BR><BR>You can use <BR>parent.frame[0] (your first frame)<BR>parent.frame[1] ( your second frame, ...)<BR>and so on...<BR><BR>To resize I don&#039;t know, but like I said you can talk to parent.frame to play with your frame... Exemple Refresh a specific frame :<BR><BR>parent.frames[1].location= parent.frames[1].location<BR>This will refresh your second frame...<BR><BR>Hope this is help<BR><BR>Richard<BR>

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