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    Hi,<BR><BR>I&#039;ve been entrusted with an asp web site for monitoring the core temperature of a nuclear reactor. Its a mission critical piece of software and it could effect the lives of millions if not billions of people (according to my boss). It has to be finished, tested and live by friday. I&#039;ve been writing programs for only 6 months now so I need a little help still. I was wondering if any one out there knows how to do this. <BR><BR>I have been told to use ASP, XML, XSL, SQL, VBscript, JavaScript and Windows2000<BR><BR>what is ASP? A guy in the bar told me it means &#039; A Super Program&#039; he also told me that XML means &#039;eXellent Models Legs, but I think that was after our 6th Bud and he wasn&#039;t so cohearent so I may of got that wrong.<BR><BR>My mom said that Windows2000 is a very large office downtown that has 2000 windows (wow image being a window cleaner there - loads of overtime . makes my arm hurt thinking about it or maybe thats from last night at the club)<BR><BR>Anyway what I need to know is: Has anyone got the code for this project as it will be easier if its already written.<BR><BR>Cheers and if you can help I&#039;ll buy you a beer.

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    Default Twat!!!!

    get lost

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    Default LOL -- BalletChick?

    This seems just like the type of thing BalletChick does every so often.

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    Default ..

    My apologies if you dont share my sense of humour. Sometimes a little rant makes me feel better especially when the presures of deadlines fall like a ton of rocks upon my head.<BR><BR>It was just an attempt to releive my frustration and hopefully add a few laughs to your day.<BR><BR>Nevermind if the point was missed ...but no need to be offensive

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    Default LOL <eop>


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