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    Forgive me if this is the wrong place for this but hopefully someone can help. <BR><BR>We have a national database of members numbering approx 180. <BR><BR>These members are formed into 6 groups of 30<BR><BR>So –<BR><BR>Group 1 South (30 Members)<BR>Group 2 South West (30 Members)<BR>Group 3 South East (30 Members)<BR>Group 4 North (30 Members)<BR>Group 5 North East (30 Members)<BR>Group 6 North West (30 Members)<BR><BR>We generate enquiries for these members and forward them automatically by email. We will use access database, Active Server Pages and CDONTS mail (Unless someone suggests otherwise)<BR><BR>Problem 1 is reasonably straightforward. I think?<BR><BR>We want enquiries originating in the South to go to members in the South only. Same applies to other areas. <BR><BR>Problem 2 is more difficult –<BR><BR>I need any individual incoming enquiry to go to only 5 of the 30 members in that area.<BR><BR>Any subsequent enquiry coming from the same area will go to a different 5 members (The next 5 in line on a strict rota basis)<BR><BR>After 6 enquiries the circle is complete and the 7th enquiry will go to the original 5 members.<BR><BR>The form for submitting enquiries via our web site, can be configured with a drop menu to select area the enquiry is originating from.<BR><BR>Need a script that will perform the filtering of enquiries by area, and send enquiry to just 5 members. Must also ‘remember’ who had enquiry last and ignore them until it is their turn again.<BR><BR>Any help would be gratefully accepted. Please reply to<BR><BR>Regards<BR><BR>John

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    how much are you paying?

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