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    Hi All,<BR><BR>I am in a big trouble there is a need to build a search option and i don&#039;t know how to proceed. Actually there&#039;s a course and each module has it&#039;s topics so can we build some kind of search which will search within it&#039;s topic. Please help....

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    There are two things needed for a search:<BR><BR>1) A catalog of information to query, or to manually trawl through.<BR>2) A mechanism of querying or trawling through the catalog.<BR><BR>Personally, I would use Index Server (or Site Server if you&#039;re lucky). You can set it up to create the catalog, and then you can query it using a SQL-style query.<BR><BR>You can then specifically include or exclude directories inside the SQL query.<BR><BR>It&#039;s WAY easier than doing it yourself!<BR><BR>Craig.

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