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    Hi..I got a problem on retrieving a data using 2 tables. Example of my Code is: <BR>sql = "SELECT Company.Name As CName, Company.Phone, Company.fax, Specialties.Name As SName" <BR>sql = sql & " FROM Specialties INNER JOIN Company" <BR>sql = sql & " ON Specialties.CompID = Company.ID" <BR>sql = sql & " WHERE Company.CatID = " & cLng(CatID) & ";" <BR><BR>When I view the output of CName I got the Value of SName where those fields have the name that is Name <BR>&#060;%=rs.Fields("CName")%&#062; <BR><BR>Can Someone tell me why and how to solve it, please.. <BR>p/s:I am SQL newbie, so I always got a problem when to manipulate two or more tables like above. Please suggest a good book on SQL

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    use data shaping. there&#039;s a tutorial on it at<BR><BR>j

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