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    Jeremy Lowery Guest

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    Why does the following work:<BR><BR>var strAction = new String(Request.Form("action"));<BR>if(strAction == "SendMessage")<BR>{<BR> SendMessage();<BR>}<BR>else if(strAction == "undefined" &#124&#124 strAction == "")<BR>{<BR> ShowUI();<BR>}<BR>else<BR>{<BR> Response.Write("Unhanbled page action.");<BR>}<BR><BR>and the following does not:<BR><BR>var strAction = new String(Request.Form("action"));<BR>switch(strActio n)<BR>{<BR>case "SendMessage":<BR> SendMessage();<BR> break;<BR>case "":<BR>case "undefined":<BR> ShowUI();<BR> break;<BR>default:<BR> Response.Write("Unhandled page action");<BR>}<BR><BR>It says Unhandled page action when I load the page with no form data. What gives?<BR>

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    there&#039;s a fallthrough on the second case:<BR><BR>j

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    Jeremy Lowery Guest

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    umm yes. That&#039;s the point. So it catches "" and "undefined". It&#039;s just like a boolean or.

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