Creating a mssql database from a backup file

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Thread: Creating a mssql database from a backup file

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    Esther Levin Guest

    Default Creating a mssql database from a backup file

    Hi all,<BR>I have a backup file of a mssql server 7.0 database.<BR>Is it possible to create a db from the file?, i don&#039;t know the tables names, just the db name(it&#039;s the name of the backup file).<BR><BR>Does anybody have an idea what to do?<BR><BR>Thx<BR>Esther

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    Jeremy_D Guest

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    You can do this without problems from the Enterprise Manager:<BR>1. Right-click the "Databases" node under your server and choose "All Tasks -&#062; Restore Database".<BR>2. In the "Restore as database:" field, type in the name of the database.<BR>3. From "Restore:", select "From device". Now click the "Select Devices" button that just appeared, you&#039;ll see a dialog named "Choose Restore Devices".<BR>4. Remove any devices still listed, and then press the "Add" button -&#062; now browse for your backup file and press "OK".<BR>5. Back in the "Choose Restore Devices" dialog, klick "OK".<BR>6. Back in the "Restore Database" dialog, select "Restore backup set", and "Database - complete".<BR>7. Now go to the "Options" tab and check if the physical file names and locations are correct and do not conflict with already existing file.<BR>8. In the same tab, select the Recovery completion state you want ("Leave Database operational" is usualy a fine choice when you&#039;re restoring a single full backup to a new database, but select the second or third option if you also need to restore some transaction logs afterwards).<BR>9. Press "OK". Presto! After a few seconds/minutes, your database will be restored and ready to go.<BR><BR>Jeremy_D<BR><BR>

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