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    venkatesh babu Guest

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    I would like to know how can I transfer files from our local server to the other remote server using <BR>ASP. I tried using the ASP Script available at but it works only with the Input File <BR>Type. We have to provide the filenames using the File Type and then it uses the BinaryRead method to <BR>upload the files. I dont want to do that. WHat I need to do is specify some filenames along with their <BR>paths and the ASP scripts should transfer (upload) them to other server. Can anybody help me out???

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    well you could just FTP them.

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    Pankaj Jain Guest

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    there are few fileuploading components available, u need to use them, for end user it will be as simple as just to browse to file and click Upload button.<BR><BR>u need to put this component on ur server.<BR><BR>jsut search for "aspSmartUpload" on google, this component is very good and free to use

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