As can be seen in the thread started May 8 entitled, "Connection String Problems", I have had some excruciating experiences trying to get some security/authentication issues worked out.<BR><BR>When I started my day this morning, I thought every thing was worked out and running smoothly. I was right, in a sense. Things worked well if I used a DataGrid, etc., in my .ASPX page.<BR><BR>Then I had a quick scare when I thought my WebService was having authentication problems but soon realized it was something I was doing wrong with a DataReader object.<BR><BR>That fixed, I gleefully set about some other experiments, thinking that everything was once again hunkie-dorie (however it&#039;s spelled). To my chagrin, when I tried to access the WebService from my .ASPX page, I again began to see the same authentication errors that had haunted me before.<BR><BR>To make things a little more interesting, when I test my WebService on its own, everything works as it should - no problems whatsoever.<BR><BR>Another interesting thing is that at times, I can use the WebServiceUtil.exe program to build my proxy class and compile it, and at times I cannot. The error message tells me that: "http://localhost/dotnet/ws/MyWebService.asmx?sdl could not be opened as service description". I&#039;ve also tried saving the SDL as a flat file and accessing it that way -- no dice. I&#039;ve tried changing my authentication types just to compile the .DLL and sometimes it worked, sometimes not.<BR><BR>I am puzzled by the seeming inconsistency of these results. Can anyone shed some light on what might be going on?<BR><BR>Thank you for your time and energy,<BR><BR>~~ Tony