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    Lee Price Guest

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    I asked this question on May 9 but never received an answer. Has no one else ever run into this problem?<BR><BR>I&#039;ve used SQL 2000&#039;s DTS successfully to read and write Excel and other file types from a SQL 2000 database. However, in trying to do this on a web hosting site, DTS won&#039;t allow me to create the "destination" for such a file on the remote server, even when I have permissions. The allowable locations are only those on the same server/computer where I am working, not on the remote server. Is there a way to get DTS to write to the remote location? <BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>

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    Sreedharan Guest

    Default Well you can, but...

    In Web environment, due to security issues, you cannot write to another computer. You can only do it on the Web server itself, not even your local machine.<BR><BR>But, there is a work-around. If you do not mind the security implications, and also, your machines are on a NT domain, then you can do it. <BR><BR>You have to create a Domain user, with Write permissions to the folder on the other computer. Then, you have to give this user the Anonymous access (instead of IUSR_computername). You will now be able to write to the other computer. (User UNC names, eg \yourcomputeryourfolderfileName.ext )<BR><BR>You may feel that having a user with the same name on both the machines will work, but it will not. But the Domain user WILL work

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