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    hi all <BR>sorry if i posted this in this forum. Databases Q&A&#039;s just not that visited as much as this one. I do hope yall find time in answerin dis question.<BR><BR>anyone knows how(or at least point me to a good resource) to connect an Informix database to an ASP age? will it be just like SQL server (using DSNs)? if yes.. how do i create that DSN... if ever that&#039;ll be allowed... how do i use ODBC to point a certain DSN to that Informix database situated on another server<BR><BR>THANKS ALL!

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    Default Check out the Informix ListServ

    I&#039;d highly suggest that you sign up for the Informix ListServ:<BR><BR><BR>You&#039;ll find a bunch of Inforfix w/ASP experts hanging out there, and they should be able to answer any questions you may have on using Informix w/ASP.

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