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    I have a Access database with a yes/no field. Its format is true/false.<BR>When i test what the field is storing i get a type mismatch error. Here is the code im using:<BR><BR>if objEditGame("PP_Goal") = true then<BR><BR>I have also tried this:<BR><BR>if objEditGame("PP_Goal") = "True" then<BR><BR>I get the same type mismatch error both times. Can anyone help?<BR>Thanks

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    Try casting the recodset value to a boolean e.g.<BR><BR>if Cbool(objEditGame("PP_Goal")) = true then....<BR><BR>or try changing the type of the field to text. As long as when the database is updated, this field is generated by radio buttons or similar, the values stored will always be consistent<BR><BR>

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