Ok, here&#039;s my scenario and it&#039;s a tough one - well for me at least. I have some pages on a site. They are indexed with the MS Index Server so I can do a search through that. That&#039;s simple enough.<BR><BR>The tricky part is that first, every page is stored in a database with certain meta attributes associated with them. So first I need to do a search on the database, and get the fields that correspond to my search. One of the fields in there is the url on the server.<BR><BR>Then, before I show anything to the user, I need to check those records against the Index Server to first make sure that the file exists, and second to get and present to the user some of the info indexed through the Index Server!<BR><BR>Is this too tough? I have never done a search inside a search, and it gets complex, especially for paging and all that. How do I even go about doing something like this?<BR><BR>Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!