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    I would like to search more then one table in a database. To search one table i would set my SQL statement to say something like this<BR> SQL = SELECT * FROM Items<BR>Lets say i have tables Items, Calculations, Prices, and Reservations... how would my SQL Statement look then?<BR>possibly this?<BR> SQL = SELECT * FROM Items, Calculations, Prices, Reservations<BR><BR>Lets also say that Items and Calculations has the same column name lets say DATE, would this be a problem??<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>

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    The proper way to select information from different table us to use the table.column method. This way, the SQL is stating which table to use. For example, from your information you had, and assuming you have a field that links that databases together name ID:<BR><BR>Select Calculations.Price, Calculations.Price, Calculations.Date, Prices.Item, Prices.ID from Calculations, Prices where Calculations.ID=Prices.ID<BR><BR>Good Luck.<BR><BR>Brandon

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