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Thread: how 2 get out of a loop

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    Darkness Guest

    Default how 2 get out of a loop

    i got following<BR>---------------<BR>Counter=0<BR>while not oRS.EOF<BR>counter=counter+1<BR>response.write ors("Message")<BR><BR>oRS.movenext <BR>wend<BR>--------<BR>i want only the first 10 messages to be displayed..<BR>however if i put the code<BR>if counter &#060;10 then<BR> oRS.movenext<BR> wend<BR>else<BR>-----<BR>but then i get the wend ( instruction needed)<BR>error.<BR>is is possible in ASP like in basic to get<BR>the Goto or gosub statement, if yes<BR>how can i define the jump<BR>or does anybody has a different solution

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    James W. Guest

    Default Exit Loop or Exit For

    Use do while, loop, exit do<BR>or <BR>for,next, exit for

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    Reggie Guest

    Default RE: how 2 get out of a loop

    Change you while condition to "while not oRS.EOF AND counter&#060;10"

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