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    I need to have an excel sheet import data from a sql server. Is that possible if so how?

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    There are several ways. I believe DTS can export data in Excel format directly. Another way is to get your recordset, save it as a delimited file (with rs.getstring (...)), and then open that file with Excel. How many results will you be dealing with at a time?

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    Sreedharan Guest

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    In Enterprise Manager, right-click on the table from which you want to export data. Select All Tasks --&#062; Export Data... from the popup menu.<BR><BR>The Data Transformation Services Export Wizard will open. Click Next, then choose the Datasource (which will be Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server). Select the server, and give the username and password (or if you are using NT authentication, then select that option). Select the database in which the table exists, and then click Next.<BR><BR>Now You can choose the Destination. Select Microsoft Excel 8.0 (or whatever), and give the File Name. <BR><BR>Now you can either select option "Copy tables from the Source Database", or use a Query.<BR><BR>Proceed with the steps. You can save the DTS package, or just run it immediately to complete the job.<BR><BR>You now have your Excel file with the data!<BR>

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