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    Hello,<BR> I was wondering how I work into my shopping cart a discount.<BR>Say 1-3 is 10.00 and 4-6 is 7.00 and 7+ is 5.00( of the same product ). I have downloaded a cart and am trying to put this together. I am just a newbie and am sure this is simple, just not for me. I have input type "quantities", "productname","costperunit". Can someone help me? Thanks in advance.

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    If I understand correctly your problem is how to calculate the order&#039;s ammount?<BR><BR>You should hold a variable for the pieces of the orders and work with Case or multiple If/Then/Else...<BR>

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    John.A Guest

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    I have a product on the shopping page. If you buy 1-3 of the same item it is 17.00, if you buy 4-7 of this item it is 16.00,<BR>and if you buy 9+ is it is only 15.00. so the bigger the quantity the bigger the savings. 1 to 3=17.00<BR> 4 to 7=16.00<BR> 9+ = 15.00<BR> "Quantites" "Costperitem"

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