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    I&#039;m working on a Spanish version of our website and need to store product descriptions that contain special characters (acute accent, etc). I know that if I store the character entity codes in the database such as "& aacute;" browsers will then display it correctly (á). Problem is it&#039;s too confusing for our data entry people to type those codes in the context of real words and sentences. I&#039;m looking for a way to give users the ability to use some alternate key combination that would actually insert the character codes into an HTML form without actually typing the entity. Is there something within Windows&#039; keyboard locals that can do this for me?<BR>thanks for ANY help,<BR>Craig<BR>

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    &nbsp;<BR>Use the ANSI key code representation to type the code in. HTML for spanish will allow if you just type in the number on your separate number keypad [Alt] + [ASCII Number]. I do this on our Spanish website, so I know it works. Be sure [Num Lock] is on though.<BR><BR>e.g.<BR><BR>On your numeric keypad<BR><BR>To enter á type : [Alt] + 160<BR>To enter é type : [Alt] + 130<BR>To enter * type : [Alt] + 161<BR>To enter ó type : [Alt] + 162<BR>To enter ú type : [Alt] + 163<BR>To enter ñ type : [Alt] + 164<BR>To enter Ñ type : [Alt] + 165<BR>To enter ¿ type : [Alt] + 168<BR>To enter ¡ type : [Alt] + 173<BR><BR>If your DB field is in ASCII (varchar or char) it will also be able to accept these ASCII codes.<BR><BR>Or if you would like to do it another way, but I don&#039;t recommend this, you could type in HTML &# + [ASCII number]. This also works but is not neccessary unless you are using unicode/Asian font types.<BR><BR>For Spanish (since it uses ASCII) you can use the first method of just typing it in directly your HTML code. Since our user base is mostly Spanish and English this will not be a problem. However, some users with Asian fonts installed on their system display these Spanish code differently since their browser is trying to interpret the code as an Asian font. If your user base is only Spanish/English, this will not be a problem.<BR><BR>HtH,<BR><BR>Reginald<BR>

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